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The Mayo Clinic of South Africa was founded by Dr Wypke Wypkema in 1974 and consists of nine multi-storey buildings, housing more than fifty doctors and physicians, as well as accommodating clinics and units to cover most medical requirements.

The Mayo Day Clinic is recognised as a leading day clinic in the area. Operations performed in our fully-equipped theatres include general anaesthetic, as well as local anaesthetic and conscious sedation procedures. For more info, click here.

The Mayo Clinic houses a specialised annual check-up centre, where a complete and in-depth medical evaluation is performed, all under one roof, and in under three hours, at the Life Extension Institute of South Africa. The annual screening tests can detect signs of illness before the diseases manifest themselves. For more info, click here.

The Mayo Clinic houses more than fifty doctors, physicians, specialists, and clinics. For a comprehensivelist of our doctors and tenants, click here.