Requirements for admission to the Mayo Day Clinic

Before coming to the clinic:

Phone your medical aid to obtain pre-authorisation for the procedure.

Have the following information ready when you call:

Your membership number

Name of the patient

Date of admission

Name of Hospital (Mayo Clinic)

Hospital practice number (7700164)

Name of attending doctor

Doctor's practice number

Procedure being performed (obtain the codes from your doctor)

Reason for having the procedure (obtain the ICD codes from your doctor)

Length of stay (one day)

Additional Information:

Check with your medical aid if your scheme rules require that you pay a co-payment on admission. If your co-payment is being paid out of your medical savings, please check that you have sufficient savings to cover these costs

Follow any preparation instructions given by your doctor.

If you are having a general anaesthetic, make sure that you have nothing to eat or drink for at least 10 hours before your procedure. Ensure that you arrange for someone to take you home after the procedure as you will not be permitted to drive yourself.

If you are having a surgical procedure done, and you are taking blood thinners, check with your doctor regarding when you should stop taking your medication.

On the day of admission:

Your doctor will have booked your appointment with the hospital and will tell you when to arrive. The time between arriving and going in to theatre will be taken up with filling in of admission

forms, being allocated a bed, changing into theatre garb and having a consultation with the anaesthetist, who will check your anaesthetic history.

Please bring the following information with you for admission requirements:

Medical aid membership card

ID number of the main member of the medical aid, or of the guarantor for private admissions

The pre-authorisation number supplied to you by your medical aid

Any co-payment prescribed by your medical aid option

If you are under 21 years of age, you will need an indemnity signed by your parent/guardian, authorising the procedure.

Private patients are required to pay a deposit before admission.

Additional Information:

If you are having a general anaesthetic, make sure that you arrange for someone to drive you home.

After your procedure, the ward sister will offer you a cup of tea or coffee and a sandwich while you wait for the doctor to see you, or until your transport arrives.

A family member may collect your prescribed medication from Cornerstone Pharmacy while you sleep

You will be discharged once the doctor is satisfied with your condition.

Post operative:

Please follow your doctor or surgeon's prescribed guide lines. Should you have any queries after you procedure please consult with your doctor.