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The comprehensive medical health evaluation centre for early detection of disease.

The early detection of disease is a goal common to everyone. In order to improve the quality and the length of life, it is always desirable to firstly prevent diseases occurring and secondly to begin curative treatment as soon as they are detected.

The Life Extension Institute of South Africa has designed comprehensive programmes which will aid in the timeous detection of disease. The examinations and tests are all performed in one sitting at the Mayo Clinic, a multi-disciplinary centre with the ability to perform all the tests under one roof. It specialises in comprehensive medical evaluations, insurance medicals, as well as tests designed to examine your specific health concerns.

It is important, particularly in today's overstressed and busy life, to prevent major health events which may have catastrophic effects on your quality of life and on that of your family.

The "Book of Health" programme is designed to create a health record and contains a comprehensive evaluation and detailed analysis of the results of tests performed on you. Tests are carried out by practitioners and technicians, using sophisticated equipment.

The Book of Health programme specialises in comprehensive medical evaluations and insurance medicals. Your health record will be updated annually on each subsequent examination.

The program includes:

• Full history and clinical examination

• Analysis of body fat and muscle

• Resting and effort ECG

• Chest X-ray

• Lung function tests

• Hearing screening

• Vision and eye pressure screening (Glaucoma screening)

• Abdominal Ultrasound

Pathology Tests:

• Cholesterol Profile

• Uric Acid Level

• Liver Function

• Kidney Function

• Fasting Blood Sugar (Glucose)

• Calcium and Potassium Levels

• Full Blood Count & ESR

• Thyroid Function

• Urine Biochemistry

• Stool Occult Blood Tests

• HIV Test (Optional/ Voluntary)

• PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) - Males Only

• PAP Smear - Females Only

Information and Requirements for your visit

• Your appointment will be confirmed via email a few days before you are due to visit us.

• Arrive early at 7am

• Lockers are available in the change rooms for storing of any valuables.

• Shower facilities are also available.

• Do not eat or drink anything other than water from 22h00 the previous evening; however usual morning medication should be taken. Refreshments are offered on completion of the medical tests.

• Should you require a mammogram or bone density, please inform us before the time so we can book an appointment for you.

• Bring the completed questionnaire and a complete list of your medication.

• Please bring a copy of your Medical Aid Card and ID/Passport

• A first early morning urine and stool sample should be brought with you, if possible.

• Bring your spectacles and/or contact lens case and solution if applicable.

• Arrive in comfortable clothing for exercise e.g. shorts, tracksuit and sport shoes.

Our Pricing

for March 2023 to February 2024

Executive Medical Evaluation

R 5 180.22

Complete medical assessment:

• General Check-Up by GP

• Cardiac ECG

• Lung Function Test

• Ultrasound

• Eyesight Test

• Hearing Test

• Dietary Check

Pathology Tests and X-rays

R 2 716.04

Pathology Tests: R 2 020.00

• Routine Bloods - R 1 620.00

• Pap Smear (Females) - R 220.00

• Prostate (Males) - R 220.00

• Occult Blood Stool - R 180.00

X-rays: R 696.04

• Chest X-ray - R 696.04

Optional Extra Tests:

• HIV (Elisa) - R 200.00

• HPV (Females) - R 500.00

• Stress Management, Identification, and Coaching

Book your comprehensive medical evaluation now:

+27 (11) 831 6700


Contact us

Address: Mayo 9 Lower Ground Floor
Mayo Centre of South Africa
Cnr Joseph Lister Road and William Nicol Drive
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Telephone: +27 (11) 831 6700
Bookings: bookings@lifeextension.org.za
Enqueries: info@lifeextension.org.za