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Post- operative treatment

Many patients do not know what to expect after they have had surgery. Below are recommendations by doctors and surgeons for post-operative care.

Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
Ganglion removal
Do not drive for 12 hours after a general anaesthetic
Avoid strenuous activity for three days after surgery
Take all medication as prescribed
You can expect a sore throat and muscle stiffness for 48 hours after a general anaesthetic
Contact your doctor immediately if excessive bleeding occurs

Dental Extractions
Do not rinse your mouth on the day of surgery
Sleep with your head slightly elevated
If bleeding occurs, bite on a piece of wet cotton wool for 30 minutes. If the bleeding is excessive, call your doctor
Apply an ice pack to your face for 10 minutes each hour to reduce pain and swelling
Rince your mouth with warm salt water five times a day for 10 days
Drink lots of fluids while taking post-operative medication
Mild to moderate pain and swelling is expected for the first three to four days

Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy

Stay in bed on the day of discharge from hospital.
You may get up the following day, staying indoors.
Older children and adults will not be fit to return to school or work for seven to ten days.
Do not go out at night during this period.
Try to keep the patient at a constant temperature.
During the first week you will have a sore throat, ear aches and a slight rise in temperature.
The pain after a tonsillectomy is due to the wound as well as from stiffness of the throat muscles.
The sooner the patient chews and eats, the sooner the pain will go away.
Prescribed pain killers should be taken half-an-hour before a meal to relieve the pain of swallowing.
A full diet should be started as soon as possible.
Preferred foods:
Solid foods, bread, toast, apples, jelly, chewing gum, plenty of fluids.

Food to avoid for approximately one week:
Bananas, paw-paw, pineapple, avocado pears, tomatoes, orange juice, spices, chocolate, hot soup.

It is very important to keep the mouth clean. Brush teeth and gargle after every meal.
The area where the tonsils were removed will heal with the formation of a grey-yellow scab. This is normal and does not indicate an infection. If bleeding occurs, contact your doctor.

Ganglion removal

Following ganglion cyst removal at the wrist, a bulky compressive dressing or plaster of paris will be applied. This is to prevent movement of the joint in the early stages of healing. This dressing should be used for up to two weeks. Exercises are recommended as soon as the dressings are removed to prevent the development of possible stiffness and limitations of wrist motion. Between periods of exercise, a splint may be worn to provide rest for the joint. Usual recovery time following surgery for ganglion cysts ranges from two to three weeks for small ganglions of the finger, and six to eight weeks for ganglions involving the wrist.

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