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Ultrapeel™ Pepita Microdermoabrasion

This skin treatment uses a jet of microcrystals propelled across the skin's surface through a sterilised handpiece, removing dead skin cells and scarred tissue.

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Ultrapeel™ Microdermabrasion Systems

Mattioli Engineering developed the Ultrapeel microdermabrasion system in its Italian based laboratories.

The Ultrapeel is based on an innovative design and invaluable experience that has been gained over ten years. The Ultrapeelsystem offers therapy which works for every skin type, achieving a healthier skin after each and every treatment. Mattioli Engineering Ultrapeelmicrodermabraders received the FDA clearance in 1996, are CE marked and are used worldwide both for medical and cosmetic applications.

Ultrapeel™ Pepita

Pepita is the unit modified for use to carry out a wide range of treatments safely and efficientlyPatient receiving an Ultrapeel treatment on a routine basis in skin care clinics.

A jet of microcrystals (corundum powder) is propelled across the skin's surface through a sealed tubing system with a sterilised handpiece which removes dead skin cells and scarred tissue.

A continuous vacuum of microcrystals are finally collected in a container that holds the waste materials. The real benefit is that, after treatment, the patient is able to leave the clinic with a fresh and sparkling tone, due to regeneration of the epiderma cell structure.

Safety is paramount, therefore all parts which come into contact with the skin during therapy, are either disposable or are sterilised.

The Ultrapeel™ Pepita dermabrasion system is very quick, relatively painless and results are immediately seen with high levels of patient satisfaction.

There is no "down time" and this procedure can be used as an alternative to laser and chemical peels as there are few contra-indications or side effects.

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