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                                                Dr. Colin Fisher

                                      Implantology and Prosthodontics


Dr. Colin Fisher qualified in 1980 with a BDS degree from the Witwatersrand University. He has been in private practice since that time, during which he completed five post graduate diplomas: two from the Stellenbosch University in Aesthetic Dentistry and Implant Dentistry, one from the Pretoria University in Periodontology and Implantology, Degree of Master of Science - Edinburgh 2016 and Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh - Edinburgh 2016.

Dr Fisher uses only the most modern materials and equipment to provide the patient with a high-quality treatment with an emphasis on good aesthetics.

The practice makes use of materials other than metal, believing in an holistic approach to the patient's health. Cosmetic dentistry plays a big part in the practice. Special porcelains provide both strength as well as providing a very natural cosmetic appearance.


  1. All basic dental procedures including tooth-coloured fillings and extractions.
  2. Implants - both the surgical and restorative phases. Patients who have all their teeth missing now have the option of having them permanently replaced simulating their original state or even better.
  3. Crowns and bridges. Use is made of CAD CAM technology. This means the patient can complete the crown procedure in a single visit with no impressions or the need for a temporary crown.
  4. Orthodontics. Invisalign technique. These are clear liners (invisible) for minor tooth movements.
  5. Gum treatments. The oral hygienist does cleaning and polishing as well as bleaching. Laser treatment for all gum infections.
  6. Root treatments with the aid of digital X-rays and a digital locator that senses the tip of the root.
  7. Sedation - Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
  8. Aquacut - small fillings can be done with no drilling and therefore no injections required.

Payments are done on the day of treatment and most credit cards are accepted. There are payment schemes/plans available.

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Physical Address Postal Address
Mayo 9 First Floor
Cnr William Nicol Rd/Joseph Lister St
Constantia Kloof
P O Box 6324
Weltevreden Park
Telephone Number: 011-679-4867
Emergency: 082-607-1274
Fax Number: 011-679-4880

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